Thursday, December 8, 2011

My Life As A DJ

There are many great DJ's that I have admired since I was young. Different genres of music and different styles of mixing. The music mixes produced by these DJ's were the standards to which I set my goals. I have always dreamed that I would one day be able to create music mixes comparable to those.

Aspiring DJ's should always practice to improve on their craft. A great DJ is never satisfied with creating music mixes that every other DJ has been playing in their sets. Hard work is needed to improve one's DJ mixing skills. And for me, the CDJ 2000 is a great tool that I regularly use to chieve that end. It is the equipment that I use and abuse to get that edge in DJ mixing. I also make it a point to regularly produce my own edits of some tracks that I truly like. I try to do everything that I can do to gain that competitive edge in producing my seamless mixes.

Beatmatching seems to be a very simple thing o do, right? But have you tried beatmatching two tracks on the CD decks? I bet that the initial result would be a trainwreck That is the sound of the very first mix every DJ has tried when getting on the decks for the first time. It may take a while for anyone to train his ears to be able to mix perfectly.

But knowing that people are enjoying listening to your mixes is actually the ultimate reward in itself. A DJ can feel the vibe of the crowd if they love the mixes he is playing. And when he see them dancing tirelessly to the beats that he plays, it just makes him more pumped up to raise the energy even higher to the enjoyment of the crowd.

My short DJ career has already led me to play at some clubs and parties. The experiences that I get have only pushed me to become a better DJ. Music is my life. And DJing is what I wanna do. My life revolves around music. And becoming a great DJ is what I shall aim for.